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Welcome Employees Back To the Office Safely

As more members of the workforce begin returning to the office, creating a safer environment is key to providing assurances and helping to protect their well-being. Count on us for smart strategies that help you reopen and re-enter commercial properties, and shop from our wide assortment of essential products to get started.

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Smart Strategies For A Safer Return To The Office

Watch the Videos

This video series includes valuable tips, strategies and resources that help ensure a safer return to the office. From creating a thriving new work environment to sustaining operations and planning for what’s next, each video covers key aspects of returning to the office.

Thriving in the New Environment
Sustaining Operations
Plan for What's Next

Our Comprehensive Guide Includes:

  • Tips and resources to help make returning to the office safer and healthier for everyone
  • A return-to-the-office checklist
  • A list of EPA-registered products to make choosing the right supplies easier
Smart Strategies for a Safer Return to Office

Prepare With the Products You Need

Prepare With the Products You Need

Did you know that a typical office desk has 10 million bacteria on it? That's 400 times more bacteria than are found on the average toilet seat.1 With the right products, employees can feel safer in the office.

Featured Cleaning, Disinfecting & Safety Solutions

Safer spaces for returning workers start with our full assortment of daily cleaning and maintenance products.

Featured Office Enhancement Solutions

Looking for ways to enhance your facility through capital investments that align with the new normal? Shop from products such as sensor faucets, touch-free soap dispensers and hands-free door opening solutions that help reduce contamination touch points. Safer spaces for returning workers start with our full assortment of daily cleaning and maintenance products. Improve indoor air quality with air filters and air purifiers and help ensure safer social distancing with our protective barriers.

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